Welcome to 9ENG with Mrs Featonby for 2015

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15 grammatical Errors that make you look silly


This term your goal is to expand on your reading. You need to read one novel and read/watch one other text- this could be a film, a poem, a short story, an episode of a TV show. This means you will have read/watched TWO texts this term.

Choose meaningful texts that interest you. We will regularly be going to the library and having reading time, so there is no excuse not to have a text. I am very happy to help you if you need or want me to.

For each text that you read/watch you will need to fill in the following with as much detail as possible- I won't accept short one sentence answers.

After you have read/watched the text and completed the following you email me: af@camhigh.school.nz with your responses.

You should have TWO responses completed by the end of Week NINE- the final week of Term One.


  1. Make two recommendations why a classmate should read/watch this text:
    1. Reason One:
    2. Reason Two:
  2. Explain a way this text is significant to your life, providing an example as supporting evidence